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North Louisiana’s newest hospitals map a course to excellence


Born in late 2013 as a result of Louisiana’s decision to privatize its 10-hospital system statewide, University Health herald’s a new era for all communities along the I-20 corridor of access to innovation in patient care founded on recognized leadership in medical research in collaboration with LSU physicians.

“The hospitals in Shreveport and Monroe have for decades been a significant partner in the delivery of healthcare,” says Rodney Huebbers, the new system’s first Chief Executive Officer. “Now, as independent hospitals, our communities will see unprecedented investment In the highest quality of care, better access to breakthrough medical technology, leading edge treatment options, and patient care that will set the standard of excellence.”

As the new CEO, Huebbers brings to the job a long record of success in leading both for-profit and not-for-profit hospitals and healthcare systems in Texas, Virginia, Michigan and New York that are ranked as some of the best in the nation.

“Communities don’t get Top 25 hospitals and services by chance,” says Huebbers. “We have a strategy of alignment with the best doctors, we support our employees and build the best patient care teams, and we dedicate ourselves to providing the best service. That’s the formula we will be bringing to the new University Health hospitals and clinics. It’s hard work but every family and community in our region deserves nothing less than the best and we intend to fulfill that promise.”

Transforming healthcare in Louisiana is the vision that led the Shreveport-based Biomedical Research Foundation to acquire the hospitals from the state in 2013. The BRF already had a research relationship with LSU and deep roots in the community.

“The BRF focuses on medical research and transferring that knowledge directly to patient care,” says Stephen Skrivanos, Chairman of University Health’s community Board of Directors. “We see these hospitals – which already have a positive economic impact in the community of nearly $100 million – as having great potential to raise the standards of care for everyone in Louisiana and to continue to be an important and expanding cornerstone in the local economy.”

Already University Health has under way nearly $40 million in improvements at its Shreveport and Monroe campuses.

“This investment is directly related to upgrading our buildings and improving patient care and service,” says Huebbers. “And, there is more to come. We believe the new University Health hospitals and clinics – or The New U as we like to call it – will become the highest standard of care in the region and the hospitals of choice for all of the families along the I-20 corridor.”

“We invite everyone in the community to take a new look at who we are and where we intend to go,” says Huebbers. “If you want the best of modern healthcare and medical breakthroughs for yourself and your family, you owe it to yourself to watch what’s developing at The New U.”