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Monroe Patient Information

Welcome to Patient Information

Here you will find all of the information you would need if you are a patient of ours. Everything from medical records to making an appointment. We want you to be comfortable and worry-free while you stay with us. If you have any questions, please contact us.

Financial Assistance

Thank you for choosing Ochsner LSU Health Shreveport for your healthcare needs. Ochsner LSU Health is committed to providing financial assistance to eligible patients. To find out if you qualify for financial assistance, please review the information below or contact one of our Financial Counselors at 318-626-0026.

OLHS Financial Assistance Process & Application

Financial Assistance Summary

OLHS Finacial Assistance Policy

Insurance and Billing

Questions concerning bills for Hospital Services may be directed to 318-654-6760.

Questions concerning  Financial Asssistance Applications may be directed to 318-626-0026.

Payments on accounts will be taken on the 2nd Floor in the Patient Accounts Department from 8:00AM to 4:30PM.

Monroe Patient Estimates and Information

Monroe Billing Estimates

Birth Certificate information

After my baby is born how long will it be before I get the birth certificate?
It may take up to one year to receive the birth certificate.

After my baby is born how long will it be before I receive the social security card?
It may take up to nine months to receive the social security card.

What is the process for receiving a birth verification?
An individual may request a birth verification by speaking to the secretary in the medical record department (318.330.7074).

Is there a charge for birth verification?
Yes. The payment required is $3.00 once a photo ID is presented.

Making an Appointment

Outpatient Services:

Appointments: 318.330.7167 or 1.800.330.7311

Nurse Helpline (issues, questions, or refills): 318.330.7164

Appointments: 318.330.7167/318.330.7168 or 1.800.230.7311
Adult Out Patient Clinic: 318. 330.7167/318.330.7168
Family Medicine Clinic: 318.330.7600
Gynecology: 318.330.7300
Internal Medicine: 318.330.7167/318.330.7168
Med II Clinic: 318.330.7175
Nephrology: 318.330.7167/318.330.7168
Nurse Helpline (issues, questions, or refills): 318.330.7164
Obstetrics: 318.330.7300
Oncology: 318.330.7511
Ophthalmology: 318.330.7171
Orthopedics: 318.330.7840
Out Patient Retail Pharmacy: 318.330.7819
Outpatient Counseling (Family & Individual): 318.330.7600
Patient Medication Program: 318.330.7136
Pediatrics (Infants/children up to age 18): 318.330.7173
Surgery: 318.330.7167/318.330.7168
Tobacco Control Initiative: 318.330.7757
Urology: 318.330.7167/318.330.7168
Walk-In Clinic: 318.330.7874

Other Services Include: Home Health, Medical Assistance Program, Pastoral Care, Oncology Patient Medication Management, Social Services

Outpatient Surgery/Endoscopy:

Appointments are scheduled after evaluation in appropriate clinics.


Inpatient Services:

Adult & Pediatric Intensive Care
Neonatal Intensive Care
Internal Medicine
Room Accommodations: Private/Semiprivate

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