Psychiatry and Behavioral Health

Comprehensive, Compassionate Mental Health Care

It’s normal to feel worried, sad or scared from time to time. But if these feelings don’t go away or start to take a toll on your life and relationships with others, it may be time to seek professional help.

Our team at Ochsner LSU Health Shreveport’s Psychiatry program is the leader in psychiatric care in our region. We care for more than 15,000 patients each year who are struggling with conditions that affect their mental well-being.

Our Psychiatric and Behavioral Health Services

We provide mental health services at both our General Psychiatry Outpatient Clinic and our Child Psychiatry Outpatient Clinic, both located in Shreveport.

After a thorough evaluation by one of our expert providers, we’ll work with you to create a treatment plan that is customized for your unique mental health needs. Our available services include:

  • Psychiatric crisis inpatient treatment
  • Extended inpatient psychiatric treatment
  • Outpatient treatment

General Psychiatry Outpatient Clinic

The mental health professionals in our General Psychiatric Clinic care for children, teens and adults with no need for a referral. However, we may refer your child or teen to our Child Psychiatry Outpatient Clinic for more specialized care if needed.

Specific services available at the General Psychiatry Outpatient Clinic include:

  • Long-acting injections (LAIs): antipsychotic medications used for treating schizophrenia
  • Group therapy for post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD): currently on hold because of COVID-19 pandemic
  • Addiction therapy

Child Psychiatry Outpatient Clinic

Our team in the Child Psychiatry Outpatient Clinic sees children between the ages of 2 and 16. Unlike the General Psychiatry Outpatient Clinic, your child or teen will need a referral to the Child Psychiatry Outpatient Clinic.

In addition to the specialized care your child or teen can receive from our team, we also offer our SARC (Sabine Parish ARC) clinic for group home residents in Sabine Parish with intellectual disabilities. This clinic is currently available remotely because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Child Psychiatry Appointments

For child and adolescent behavioral health appointments, you can call our clinic at St. Mary Medical Center.

Coming in 2021: Louisiana Behavioral Health

We have partnered with Oceans Healthcare to offer our newest behavioral health facility, Louisiana Behavioral Health, set to open in 2021. This new facility will let us care for more patients and offer more services to our patients.

Some of the many services we will offer at Louisiana Behavioral Health include:

  • Outpatient Psychiatric Clinic: children, teens, adults and older adults
  • Outpatient Child Psychiatric Clinic: for children and teens
  • Applied behavioral analysis (ABA) treatment: a system of autism treatment
  • Intensive outpatient (IOP) treatment for addiction: a form of treatment for substance use disorder that offers many of the same services and benefits of inpatient addiction treatment without the need for patients to take time away from work, school or loved ones
  • Inpatient hospitalization: care for acute (severe) psychiatric and behavioral health conditions in our 90-bed facility
  • Electroconvulsive shock therapy (ECT): a highly controlled procedure in which we pass small electric currents through the brain to treat symptoms of certain conditions, including depression, that don’t respond to other treatments
  • Transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS): a noninvasive procedure in which we use magnetic fields treat depression that doesn’t respond to other treatments
  • Ketamine therapy: infusion of the prescription medication ketamine, which we can use to treat depression that doesn’t respond to other treatments
  • Laser therapy: using low-level lasers on brain tissue to help increase the effectiveness of treatment for certain behavioral health disorders, including depression and Alzheimer’s disease