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Clinical Education

Undergraduate RN / LPN Nursing Students

Clinical rotations are managed at the campus level. Program approval by the Louisiana State Board of Nursing and an active academic affiliation agreement is required to request a clinical rotation. An active RN Louisiana license is required for all RN to BSN preceptor and practicum experiences. Approved schools and programs can be found on the LSBN website.

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Graduate Nursing Students

Ochsner LSU Health System of North Louisiana offers a variety of preceptor and practicum opportunities for the graduate nursing student. We have preceptors for Family, Acute Care, Gerontological, Pediatric, and Mental Health Nurse Practitioner students. We have students pursuing Master of Science in for Education, Informatics, Health Care Policy, and Executive tracks.

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Allied Health Students

Allied Health at Ochsner LSU Health System of North Louisiana provides clinical education to allied health students by partnering with leading universities, colleges, and schools, facilitating clinical and professional education in more than 40 different allied health professions.

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Email our OLHS Professional Practice and Academics team for questions or to learn more about clinical education opportunities.

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