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Comprehensive, Compassionate care for Your Urinary Tract Issues

We understand how stressful and worrying it can be if you need help with a urinary or male reproductive condition. You can expect to receive effective, sensitive care from the experts in our Urology Program.

We evaluate, diagnose and treat conditions that affect the kidneys, bladder and ureters (the tubes through which urine passes from the kidneys to the bladder) in men, women and children. Our team includes northern Louisiana’s only urologist who is fellowship-trained and experienced in caring for women with urinary conditions, as well as northern Louisiana’s only urologist who specializes in complete urology care for infants, children and teens. We also treat conditions that affect the genital and reproductive system in men, including conditions that affect the prostate (a small gland that supplies seminal fluid).

Our doctors provide urology treatment in both inpatient and outpatient settings. Our advanced diagnostic equipment lets us accurately determine the root cause of your urologic condition and create a customized treatment plan for you. In addition, we have the area’s only dual console da Vinci robots, a surgical tool that allows our urologic surgeons to have greater flexibility and control than is possible with standard instruments. We are one of the few urology teams in the area that offers robot-assisted surgery to treat prostate cancer and kidney cancer.

Our Urology Expertise

Some of our team’s many areas of specialization include:

  • Erectile dysfunction/impotence
  • Female urology (including bladder conditions, urinary incontinence, pelvic organ prolapse and reconstructive surgery)
  • Minimally invasive urologic surgery, which uses smaller incisions and specially designed instruments to reduce your pain and recovery time
  • Neurourology (also known as neurogenic bladder), including issues with bladder emptying and/or urine storage caused by an issue with the brain, spinal cord or nerves
  • Pediatric urology
  • Urinary (kidney) stones
  • Urologic oncology (cancer care)