Allied Health Students

ATTENTION! Beginning January 2023, we will begin utilizing a new software, InPlace Network, for registration of allied health students and management of clinical rotations on our OLHS campuses.

Required: Any faculty member from your program that will be requesting clinical rotations or entering student data must register here: Allied Health Request for InPlace Access, in order to have an InPlace account established.

You will also have an opportunity within the form to register for an InPlace training session (via Zoom). You will receive an email when your InPlace account is created and an email invitation to any training session for which you register. Please register as soon as possible at the link above.

Thank you for your interest in Ochsner LSU Health System of North Louisiana for a clinical rotation or practicum educational experience.

An active academic affiliation agreement with Ochsner LSU Health System of North Louisiana is required to request a clinical rotation. To obtain an affiliation agreement, the school or program coordinator should reach out to (AMC and SMMC) or (MMC) to initiate the process. This process may take up to 6 months to be completed.

Step 1 – Submit the clinical request form

Step 2 – Complete the necessary student forms

  • Each student should complete:
    • Attestation form for the group
    • Student Packet containing student personal data sheet, Handbook agreement, and Confidentially agreement for each student

Step 3 – Submit the necessary student forms

  • The school/coordinator should submit the documents to (AMC and SMMC) or (MMC) The attestation should be signed and submitted by a school official, NOT a student.
  • Please download, complete, and save the forms using the format: Last name_first name.form submitting.SemesterYear.pdf. For example, the student packet would be: doe_john.studentpacket.spring2019.pdf.
  • All forms should be submitted in PDF format. Other formats, including screenshots, jpg, png, etc. will NOT be accepted.