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EmPOWERing Growing Girls

A class to prepare preteen girls for the physical and emotional changes of adolescence.

Empowering Growing Girls Part I is a class designed to help prepare young girls (ages 9-12) for the changes of adolescence including physical changes in their body and emotional changes they may be experiencing.

Experienced providers from our obstetrics and gynecology team will help guide a comfortable discussion between the participants and their confidants, and are happy to answer any questions during the class. The topics covered in this class will include changes to expect during puberty and how to handle those changes. We will also discuss their first period with an introduction to the forms of protection for the menstrual cycle. Before participants leave, there will be an opportunity for anonymous question and answer with our clinic's Nurse Practitioners.

Empowering Growing Girls Part II is the second installment of our growing girls series. Due to the subject matter discussed, the class is directed towards our more mature girls audience, ages 13-17. During the class, the physical changes associated with puberty will be briefly discussed, as well as ways to care for oneself during this time. The topic of sex will be introduced, as well as a discussion regarding safe sexual practices and the potential consequences of unprotected sex. Recommendations for ways to stay safe online and how to identify healthy relationships will also be presented.

Upcoming Classes

Empowering Growing Girls Part I: 2nd Monday of Tuesday of April and September.

Ochsner LSU Health Shreveport - St. Mary Medical Center - Community Center

Empowering Growing Girls Part II: 2nd Monday of May and October.

Ochsner LSU Health Shreveport - St. Mary Medical Center - Community Center

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