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Eat Fit CHOP: Kids in the Kitchen

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Confidence in the kitchen, learning where our food comes from, and kids taking the initiative to make their own afternoon snacks - these are just a few of the many benefits of Eat Fit CHOP: Kids in the Kitchen.

Designed for kids ages 8-18, Eat Fit CHOP: Kids in the Kitchen, provides culinary exposure, an opportunity to learn about healthy recipes and encourages kids as they learn dozens of basic cooking skills. Classes include basic knife skills, sautéing and baking, healthier fast-food and lower sugar sweet treats.

Our mission is to teach kids about cooking, nutrition and all aspects of food literacy, along with fundamental cooking techniques used by top chef's. We aim to empower students to make healthy nutrition choices and to equip them with the skills to prepare their own healthy and homemade meals.

Kids learn to make these recipes and more- on their own, and with confidence. Reach out to with more questions.