Prenatal Classes and Childbirth Education

Preparing you for the most important moment of your life

At Ochsner LSU Health a variety of prenatal classes are available. Classes are taught by our maternity nurses and our breastfeeding class is led by certified lactation consultants. These classes cover topics such as:

  • the labor and delivery experience
  • vaginal delivery versus Cesarean Section delivery
  • epidurals
  • postpartum care
  • newborn care
  • car seat safety
  • breastfeeding
  • infant and child CPR

Class Schedule

We offer six courses to help you prepare to care for your new baby. There is no cost associated with the classes, though registration is required. Please email us for more information and complete the form below to register.

All classes in Shreveport will take place Ochsner LSU Health Shreveport - St. Mary Medical Center. Classes begin at 6 p.m. and last 1-2 hours depending on the curriculum. Support persons are welcome to attend.

*Please note that the class schedule for Monroe patients may vary. See details below in the location section.

Prepared Childbirth (virtual option available) - 1st Monday of the month

This is a comprehensive class covering prenatal health, common risks, when to go to the hospital, what to expect during labor and delivery, and a variety of birthing options from pain relief methods to delivery room environment. You will also learn about post-delivery care for mother and baby, including skin-to-skin contact, rooming in, and newborn procedures for the first hours post-birth.

At the end of this class we also offer a tour of our Labor & Delivery unit and postpartum recovery rooms.

Birth Boot Camp: Preparing Your Body for Baby - 2nd Tuesday of the month

The joy and excitement of a new baby also brings many months of constant body changes for mom. How do you maintain a busy life and adjust to all these changes? This class will look at mom's body changes before and after delivery and provide solutions for the challenges that come with each phase. Topics include:

  • Safe exercise before and after delivery
  • Modifications for activities of daily living and sleep
  • Preparing your pelvic floor muscles for before and after delivery
  • When to seek further help

Baby Safety - 3rd Tuesday of the month

This class will cover car seat safety including:

  • Understanding car seat options
  • Belt placement
  • LATCH system vs. seat belt: pros and cons
  • Car seat add-ons: what's safe and not safe to use
  • Sudden Unexpected Infant Death (SUID) risks and how to avoid them
  • Safe sleep positions and environments
  • Dressing and swaddling your baby for sleep

Feeding Your Baby (virtual option available) - 1st Thursday of the month

Led by one of our certified lactation consultants, this class discusses the benefits of breastfeeding for mom and baby, how your body produces breast milk, positioning and attaching your baby for comfortable breastfeeding, how to tell if your baby is getting enough to eat, when to call the doctor or lactation consultant, using a breast pump, and returning to work or school.

Infant/ Child CPR - 3rd Monday of the month

This 2-hour course on CPR is provided through the American Heart Association and participants will leave with certificate of completion for Infant/Child CPR and Infant/Child Choking. Using realistic infant CPR manikins, this hands-on class teaches the basics for child and infant CPR, what to do for child and infant choking and how to call for help.

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Online Resources

Let Ochsner LSU Health provide you with the information and care you need as you prepare for the joy of bringing a new life into the world. Click here to download the A to Z Guide to Pregnancy.

Locations Where Childbirth Classes are Offered

All classes in Shreveport will take place Ochsner LSU Health Shreveport - St. Mary Medical Center and begin at 6:00 p.m. Most classes are held in the Community Center, which is located just off the right of the main entrance to the Women's and Children's center. Parking is available in the lot on the corner of St. Mary Place and Warrington Drive. You will receive an email one day prior to each class confirming the classroom location and entrance information.

Classes for Monroe Medical Center patients will be held virtually, and in accordance with the Ochsner Baptist schedule. Schedule and registration information can be found here.